Blackberry Passport 2


Blackberry is well known for its secured OS. The most popular brand of smart phones seems lost somewhere. But the company came up with brand new design and OS in middle of last year. Blackberry passport is wider in looks and is appreciated for the design, although critics do their work decently but still it gained popularity. Height of popularity can be observed here as 200 thousand copies of this brand new model were sold with few hours of launch.

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Officials in an interview revealed that they are now focusing on design keeping in mind the “wow” factor. They are to experiment more with design as the response of blackberry passport is over whelming. BlackBerry’s this release benefited to company to stand back and they are about to risk even more regarding design of device.

Wait, what they just said? They are about to consider risking more regarding design. Oh, that’s a for sure indication for the next phone in row. Off course BlackBerry Passport 2 is on the way.

In quarterly sales results meeting officials clearly mentioned that they will bring some new products in Mobile Word Congress 2015 to be held in Barcelona. Well, it doesn’t mean that they are considering to announce BlackBerry Passport 2 in there but chances are at maximum consider statements of officials. Possibility can’t be neglected anyway.

Blackberry is well known for its QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry lovers always appreciated keyboard technology. But the company had to move forward competing in global market and thus introduced its touch and type design. Then purely touch phone came up. Well, keeping in view market needs and competition strategies the BlackBerry passport is touch phone. Here’s how BlackBerry Passport 2 design is anticipated.