One by One Plus: The Best Android Phone of the Year


British designer and trendsetter with an American address , once again showed us just how carefully she keeps an eye on every detail of her personal styling even in moments when she prepares for long-distance flight.

Photographed while she walks down long halls of JFK Airport in New York, 40-years old Brit Victoria Beckham looked simply perfect, dressed in beige head to heels with leopard pritn on a bag just to give a hint of playfulness to entire composition.

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Because Victoria is the best ambassador of her own fashion line, it is evident that she carefully picks pieces from her signature collection, and this time we are simply enchanted with her sleek, yet tender outlook. We are not completely sure how did this outfit handle long hours in over the ocean flight, but after all, business class surely has enough space and necessary comfort for high fashion!

Gone are the days when cell phones used to have buttons as smartphones are now ruling the current era’s market. With a number of available applications in Android, one of the most commonly used mobile operating system, smartphones have become an entirely new world of technology. From managing your social media accounts to checking your emails, from keeping a todo list to setting reminders, there is almost everything these smartphones offer you.

When it comes to buying a smartphone we look for the best features in the most reasonable prices. This is a difficult task as there is always a catch, be it the price or the features. Quite recently, while looking for a decent phone, I ended up at the official website of a new smartphone company called OnePlus. The company has launched only one phone [OnePlus One], which has been ranked as one of the best android phones of 2014-15.

The phone is powered by a powerful processor with an attractive 5.5’’ HD display with a battery life far greater than those of normal android phones, which means you can do all you want and still not run short on the battery. Isn’t that cool? Also, the phone comes with a 13MP rear view camera ensuring that you make the best of every moment by collecting all the memories in form of high quality pictures and videos. The 5MP front camera helps you with a seamless video calling experience and also serves to satisfy your selfie-fever (if you have any).

You can read more about the features of this amazing phone on their official website. Get yourself registered as soon as possible to get your hands on, this awesome gadget that’ll relieve you from carrying a laptop or a tablet all the time.