Iran Digs In As Nuclear Talks Grind Past Deadline



Iran Digs In As Nuclear Talks Grind Past Deadline
Iran Digs In As Nuclear Talks Grind Past Deadline

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday put the onus
on the six world forces arranging with Iran over its atomic issue, telling correspondents that now is an
“open door that may not be rehashed” as the discussions have proceeded past a preparatory due date
with no understanding.

“I without a doubt have been prepared and am prepared with my appointment to make headway this
evening, or tomorrow, or at whatever point is fitting,” Zarif said outside Lausanne’s Beau Rivage inn,
where the discussions are occurring.

“We’ve generally said that concurrence and pressure won’t go together,” Zarif said. “They’re totally
unrelated. So our companions need to choose whether they need to be with Iran in light of admiration
or whether they need to proceed taking into account weight. They have tried the other one, now its
high time to test this one.”

“Iran has shown that political will, Iran has demonstrated its eagerness to connect with pride, and now is
the ideal time for our arranging accomplices to grab the minute and utilize this opportunity which may
not be rehashed,” Zarif said.

The arrangements over Iran’s atomic system, which were stretched out in November, have ground past
the March 31 due date for a structure concurrence. The U.S. said on Tuesday that Iran and the P5+1
nation had sufficiently made advancement to warrant missing the due date. German Foreign Minister
Frank-Walter Stein Meier told journalists on Wednesday that he was staying overnight and anticipated
that the discussions would proceed into Thursday. There have been signs that this round of talks will end
not with a completely fleshed-out system yet with an announcement indicating advance and added
records with subtle elements.

At the point when a columnist said Zarif didn’t appear to be grinning as much of course, he said, “I’m all

In the wake of talking with columnists, Zarif went into the inn to meet with Secretary of State John
Kerry. The meeting endured 10 minutes.