Look at me! 27 selfies of the week

  1. Jamie foc and taylor swift behind snoop dogg
  2. Latyperry taking selfies with fans. One of her finest posture
  3. Ted cruz possess for selfie in Merrimack
  4. Tennis player Rafael nadal selfie style for fans at Miami
  5. Justin verlander selfie with a young fan at starbucks
  6. Jesse tyler selfie shot with their co-stars
  7. An Israeli soldier took selfie while a protest in silwad
  8. Sarah michellegeller selfie with her husband – lovely couple
  9. US reporter john lewis poses for a selfie in celebration held in his honor.
  10. Italian soccer player took a selfie with two other athletes
  11. Mikaela shriffin snaps a seflie with teenager.
  12. The star’s of tv show ‘hot in cleveland’ capture a combine selfie.
  13. Tourist selfie stick during heavy strom
  14. Russell Wilson possess with young fan
  15. Selfie while watching a hor
  16. Nick Jonas (right ) with his borther joe. Dressesd as grand mom joe
  17. ror movie with kids.
  18. Poses while getting ready … !
  19. Selfie by a model during her hair style session
  20. A person poses selfie at st. peter’s square
  21. Talk show host capture selfie with his guest
  22. Model with actress. A great combination of dazzling seflie
  23. Ice dancers poses on a podium.
  24. Perfect way to end the day…. Singer Ciara
  25. Training with beard… Gucci life and Gucci selfie by jamesfranco
  26. Fashion designer paulgaultier poses a selfie during the opening of an exhibition
  27. Love with fans – swimmer rayan taking selfie with fans
  28. A beachgoer uses a selfie pose as the sun set at los Angeles