Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy S6 Edge


One is the base model, and one is the good to beat all. We’ll help separate the stars, cons, and the amount of additional you pay to upsell from the S6 to the S6 Edge.

S6, Edge. S6, Edge.

In case you’re faltering over which of Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 superphones to request, let me help separate the significant contrasts so you can choose which one (if any) is a good fit for your pocket.

To begin with things first. I checked on both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and they’re both astounding. They’re likewise very nearly indistinguishable in looks and execution, so you shouldn’t sweat the choice in any case.

(That said, I have an individual inclination, yet all the more on that – and in my feature! – underneath.)

Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy S6 Edge
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What’s the same?

We should make it simple. Everything the Galaxy S6 has, the Galaxy S6 Edge has, as well. Alright, so there are a couple truly minor equipment contrasts, in the same way as the G6 Edge’s battery that is a skosh bigger than the S6’s – 2,600mAh versus 2,550mAh.

All the more imperatively, however, they impart these main event specs:


  • Glass and metal form


  • 1-inch ultra-superior quality screen (2,560×1,440-pixel determination)


  • 16-megapixel cam


  • Octa-center processor


  • Accessible in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB limits (no development accessible)


  • Unique mark peruser


  • Snappy charging


  • Remote charging (perfect with Qi-standard chargers)


What’s diverse?

There are two focal physical contrasts between the telephones: the shape and the S6’s “Edge screen.”

You can read about what its similar to hold both telephones in my full audits, however I will say here that the Edge’s two bending drawbacks makes the S6 feel each bit like the world class model.

The configuration appears to be both more honed and more petite, with a demeanor of delicacy that will probably make most S6 Edge holders dash to purchase a case. (In all reality, everybody ought to purchase a case and glass screen defender in the event that they need to defend their speculations.)

At that point there’s the Edge programming, which incorporates approaches to rapidly achieve and react to the five most vital individuals throughout your life, among different goodies, in the same way as a night mode that faintly shows the date and time after lights-out. These are decent additional items, yet barely launch you to the following level of cell phone presence.

In this way, no doubt.that favor twofold decreased screen doesn’t do all that much. Anyway in our current reality where all cell phones are level pieces of glass, this is one of the first ones in years that truly separates itself from a configuration point of view. It’s a looker.

What amount more the S6 Edge will cost you

That leads us to the next enormous contrast between the telephones: cost.

Bearers and retailers will set their own costs in your nation and money. For the purpose of correlation, however, the 32GB S6 Edge costs between 14 percent and 19 percent more than the 32GB S6. In dollars, that is in the middle of $100 and $130 more for the same limit.

Look at our natty gritty breakdown on estimating for both models on US bearers.

On the off chance that I was you (or, all the more precisely, in the event that you were me…)

On a flat out premise, I’d purchase the Edge, for all the configuration reasons above, and even a bit for a percentage of the Edge programming as well. (In truth, I could take or leave the Edge screen highlights, yet I’d be miffed if Samsung hadn’t done anything with that space.)

On an outright premise, I’d purchase the Edge, for all the outline reasons above, and even a bit for a portion of the Edge programming as well. (In truth, I could take or leave the Edge screen highlights, yet I’d be miffed if Samsung hadn’t done anything with that space.)

Too awful I’m not an absolutist. While Tech-cherishing Me would gobble up the Edge in a moment, Financially-mindful Me needs to mull over getting the Edge versus spending the additional cash on more S6 stockpiling, or something else totally.

After some time, purchasing the Edge means you’re paying that 14 percent to 19 percent more every month, except when you separate it, the couple of dollars contrast (say $5 more every month as indicated by one arrangement), adds up to just somewhat more than a latte. (Obviously, those lattes include after some time.)

That is the reason the standard S6 is our CNET Editors’ Choice – its the more reasonable purchase, and the general better esteem.

All of which brings us full circle. S6 or S6 Edge, I really accept they’re similarly brilliant buys. In case you’re into configuration style, pick the Edge. In case you’re not, stay with the S6.

Also, in case you’re still uncertain, get yourself into your closest retailer for a little hands-on time you could call your own. Without exception, its the most ideal approach to figure out which of these two is for you.