Highest Earners Live IN!


New York, N.Y. is a helluva town – at any rate for the individuals who need fat paychecks.

Charge filers living in New York County – a.k.a. Manhattan – reported $96,941 all things considered in compensation and pay a year ago, the most noteworthy among regions in the United States.

That is as indicated by an investigation of preparatory 2013 IRS expense form information by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC).

At the flip side of the range is Catron County, N.M., which had the most reduced reported pay and pay wage ($16,280) of all areas in the nation.

Obviously, a paycheck is scarcely the main part of a high salary. Venture salary can likewise prove to be useful.

Where the highest U.S. earners live
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At the point when considering ventures, Wyoming’s Teton County – home to Jackson Hole – takes the top spot.

Teton County just positions 195th among regions regarding normal pay and pay ($47,715) yet it was No. 1 as far as normal balanced gross salary ($296,778), profit wage ($32,793) and interest ($8,604).

The good to beat all for Teton County occupants are that they became acquainted with a great deal a greater amount of that salary than they would in numerous different spots, since the condition of Wyoming doesn’t charge pay, whether got from a paycheck or ventures.

By difference, the region with the most reduced reported normal AGI in the nation was Gooding County, Idaho ($15,379).

Among states generally, Connecticut secured the top spot regarding AGI ($91,417) while Mississippi came in last ($44,972).

10 highest earning counties

Rank County Average wages and salaries
1 New York County, NY $96,941
2 Falls Church City, VA $92,948
3 Fairfield County, CT $91,188
4 Loudoun County, VA $87,534
5 San Mateo County, CA $85,955
6 Santa Clara County, CA $85,402
7 Westchester County, NY $82,326
8 Somerset County, NJ $82,099
9 Morris County, NJ $81,555
10 Williamson County, TN $79,161