Apple Watch will be available for pre-order


You won’t have the capacity to line up outside an Apple Store and exit with an Apple Watch on April 24 or even after the dispatch day. Rather, you need to hold your fancied gadget on the web.

On the off chance that you need to purchase an Apple Watch, make sure to reserve a spot.

Apple will begin offering its first wearable, which costs from $349 to $17,000, on April 24. Preorders start at 12:01 a.m. PT on April 10, and shoppers will have the capacity to attempt on the gadget in stores beginning that day.

Yet you won’t have the capacity to stroll into a store to buy an Apple Watch like you can with the iPhone and iPad. Rather, all deals will be made through a reservation framework, Apple affirmed Friday. Also, that is valid for the uncertain future. Apple has no arrangements right now to permit you to stop into a store and exit with an Apple Watch, even after the gadget authoritatively hits the business.

You likewise can’t simply stroll up to a table and go for whatever Apple Watch you need. Rather, you need to meet with a store agent for a fitting, which you set up through an arrangement or by being sufficiently fortunate to visit an Apple Store amid calm.

That all methods there won’t be the long lines basic with each iPhone dispatch in the course of recent years. The main Apple Watches that will be accessible for buy in retail locations are the gadgets that have been saved on the web.

For buyers who hold the smartwatch for in-store pickup on Day 1, make certain to know precisely which model, complete and band you need. It’s conceivable all gadgets accessible that day will be held ahead of time, so there most likely won’t be extra stock available to adjust your request in the event that you alter your opinion. Buyers will have the capacity to request the gadget on the web, however, and have it delivered to their homes. Apple’s application about Apple Watch gives you a chance to look at the changed models, see what the distinctive sizes look like on your wrist and investigate highlights, making it simpler to buy online without having really seen the gadget in individual.

The move to offer Apple Watch just by reservation is likely for two reasons – verifying Apple has the right stock available for what buyers need and having the capacity to stroll through the methodology with potential purchasers when they come into the store. Apple Watch is not the same as whatever other gadget the Cupertino, Calif., organization has ever sold. There are more alternatives to browse, and Apple Watch is a more individual, design driven gadget. Since its another item, Apple needs to verify purchasers are agreeable with their decisions and see how the gadget functions before they leave the store.


The Apple Watch comes in two sizes – 42mm or 38mm – and three outlines – the aluminum-cased Apple Watch Sport, stainless-steel-cased Apple Watch and the 18-karat-gold-cased Apple Watch Edition. The aluminum accompanies silver or space dark alternatives, while the stainless steel comes in its namesake shading or a space dark variant. The gold watch is accessible in 18-karat yellow gold or 18-karat rose gold. There likewise are a mixed bag of groups that can be effectively swapped, including a Milanese circle of metal lattice with magnets, a cowhide band that auto-connects, a fragmented metal connection band, an excellent calfskin watchband, a calfskin circle band, and a more plasticized game band in brilliant hues.

The section level gadget, the aluminum and glass Apple Watch Sport with plastic band, begins at $349. The premium gold Apple Watch Edition begins at $10,000 and goes as high as $17,000.

Attempting on Apple Watch

With the fittings that begin April 10, you can attempt to stroll into a store to get a fitting, yet you may need to hold up quite a while or be told there’s no accessible time opening. It’s ideal to plan ahead and make an arrangement, each of which is booked in 15-moment increases (however Apple’s not going to show you out on the off chance that you take longer than 15 minutes to attempt on Apple Watch). We ought to discover more insights about needing arrangements in the nearing days.

On the off chance that you do figure out how to capture a fitting without reserving a spot on the web, that doesn’t mean you’ll have the capacity to purchase the watch right then, regardless of the fact that it’s after the April 24 dispatch day. For the present, regardless you’ll have to either arrange your picked Apple Watch online and have it dispatched it to your home or reserve a spot to return and lift it up when it’s accessible.

There additionally are a few contrasts between attempting on the pricey Apple Watch Edition and the other two models. At the point when needing an Apple Watch fitting, you need to indicate whether you’re keen on Apple Watch/Apple Watch Sport or the gold Apple Watch Edition. Release clients will have an alternate experience, incorporating having the fitting in a different, assigned range, Apple affirmed. The exact points of interest will differ in view of store; however don’t expect anything as emotional as champagne and a celebrity central took off for Apple Watch Edition purchasers.

Apple Watch rentals

In the event that needing an arrangement at an Apple Store doesn’t speak to you, you can look at leasing an Apple Watch for a week through Lumoid. The Silicon Valley startup gives a home attempt on administration for gadgets for an expense and after that discounts a piece of the expense on the off chance that you eventually choose to purchase a just took the ribbon off new form of the gadget.

Going through a week with Apple Watch Sport will cost $45, with $25 of that going toward last buy of the gadget. The normal Apple Watch (which retails from $549 to $1,099) is accessible for an expense of $55, with $30 going toward the last buy. Lumoid won’t be putting forth Apple Watch Edition. Leaseholders have the capacity to choose which band they need to go for.

A couple of thousand individuals are now on Lumoid’s Apple Watch waitlist. Beginning April 24, the organization will begin leasing the Apple Watch either alone or as one of five gadgets in a “Wearables Box,” which permits customers to attempt numerous smartwatches immediately.

Lumoid doesn’t have an association with Apple however will rather be preordering Apple Watches and conveying a group to purchase the watch in mass on April 24.