amfAR’s São Paulo Gala Been Rocked With Besties!


Keep going night, São Paulo might have been rocking. It could have been those way that kylie Minogue performed alternately that fabulous famous Cher might have been honored, At amfAR’s impulse occasion in the brazilian get-together city might have been absolutely blasting. Occasion chairs naomi campanulated Furthermore Kate mosquitofish brought additional high-wattage energy—and style, Also were joined Toward amfAR’s Director Kenneth cole Also architect Riccardo Tisci. Furthermore to Cher getting the grant about Inspiration, the nighttime likewise respected Felipe Diniz What’s more architect jean paul Gaultier. After An merry nighttime bringing crazy marina Abramovic, jack Vartanian, and Izabel Goulart, it might have been time for anyone should boogie down to kylie What’s more an extraordinary execution starting with brazilian vocalist Alcione.