Viber Company Starters Were Initially From Israel Force


One of the most popular apps for instant messaging and VoIP (voice over IP) is most definitely Viber. The app is available for iPhone and Android users. It allows the individuals to exchange messages, media and audio messages and images as well. Viber can also be used on computers. However, it is not a unique product, because there are other similar ones, such as WeChat, line, WhatsApp, and Skype.

Even though this widely used app is registered in Cyprus and Las Vegas as well, it was founded and developed by Ofer Smocha, Igor Megzinik, Talmon Marco and Sani Maroli, four Israeli partners. That means the country where Viber was created is Israel. At first, when the app was officially presented in 2010, it was available for iPhone users only. The goal was the app to become a direct competitor to the popular Skype. Several months later, the Viber app became available for Android users as well, and at first, it was restricted for thousands of users. One year later, in 2012, the unrestricted version was finally launched.

Two Viber developers Igor Megzinik and Talmon Marco, who is the CEO if the company, both were in the Israel Defense Forces, where they became friends. Marco stated several times they all considered one another as friends and family. Thanks to the success Viber has today, Talmon Marco is now a famous Israeli businessman and entrepreneur. Also, Talmon Marco and Igor Megnizik are the co-founders of iMesh, file-sharing client, and P2P media.

All four Israeli founders increased the amounts of money they have invested in the company over 30 times. The surprising news came in 2014, where Viber was acquired by the Internet and electronic commerce company Rakuten, for the sum of 900 million dollars.

People from every corner of the world are using Viber daily, including Iranian users.

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