Rich & Famous Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless


Everybody has their battles, and it can be difficult to continue working towards your fantasies when life tears you down. These popular individuals demonstrate that on the off chance that you buckle down and don’t surrender, you can get it going.

1. Halle Berry Halle Berry used up cash while attempting to catch her enormous break in New York, and stayed in a destitute safe house before getting a part on ABC.

2. Chris Gardner was destitute in the wake of going belly up while vieing for a position as a stockbroker. He and his child rested wherever they could until he picked up work.

3. Lil’ Kim This rapper lived in an auto with her mom when she was youthful.

4. Djimon Hounsou was destitute for a long time while living in Paris as an adolescent.

Djimon Hounsou

5. 2Pac experienced numerous brief spells of vagrancy, staying in havens in New York and Baltimore.

6. Steve Harvey got to be destitute after a couple of gigs failed to work out. He lived in his auto and was destitute for a long time before getting his huge break on Showtime at the Apollo.

7. Colonel Sanders was destitute for quite a bit of his life, living out of his auto with his wife as he attempted to discover somebody to tackle his now-acclaimed chicken formula.

8. Tyler Perry Tyler Perry lived out of his auto after his first creation fizzled. He revised the script over and over until he got his break at the House of Blues.

Tyler Perry

9. Daniel Craig This James Bond was destitute before getting his part as 007, love seat surfing and thinking about park seats.

10. Carmen Electra was destitute in her 20s, when her sweetheart stole every last bit of her cash and ran off, abandoning her poor.

Carmen Electra

11. Sylvester Stallone After being ousted, Stallone lived in a New York transport station for 3 weeks.

12. Eartha Kitt Eartha was moved from with respect to relative as a tyke, and her gatekeepers were frequently damaging. She fled now and again, living destitute in New York.

13. Michael Oher His dad was detained and killed while Oher was in secondary school, leaving Oher destitute until he was received by the Tuohy gang.

14. Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez was left destitute when her guardians didn’t bolster her choice to go to Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez

15. Dr Phil Dr Phil was living out of an auto with his dad until he got a room at a YMCA.

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