GoPro’s Woodman Was Awarded With $285 Million Of Pay Package


Evidently GoPro’s “great” culture even applies to the amount of cash it pays its organizer and CEO.

Scratch Woodman, the surfer turned elite rich person, is going to turn into the most generously compensated official in America. The 39-year-old GoPro (GPRO) CEO was recompensed a bundle of confined stock units that toward the end of 2014 was esteemed at an eye-popping $284.5 million. That makes Woodman the No. 1 American official in the Bloomberg Pay Index, a day by day positioning of administrators in light of their remuneration. In fact, Woodman hasn’t got the greater part of the stock grantsĀ  yet. He got them “on paper” in mid 2014, yet they are paid out month to month over the compass of quite a while, as indicated by filings.

The uber pay day is a prize for turning cam producer GoPro into a purchaser hardware goliath that is currently worth about $6 billion.


Woodman conveyed GoPro to Wall Street in June 2014 with a first sale of stock that immediately caught financial specialists’ consideration.

The GoPro IPO raised about $425 million and esteemed the device producer’s shares at $24 a piece. They rapidly shot through the rooftop and about moved into triple-digit region before returning to Earth. The greater part of Woodman’s riches is tied up in the organization’s stock. Weeks before GoPro propelled its IPO, Woodman was conceded 4.5 million confined stock units, as per filings.

Limited stock units, or RSUs, are a typical manifestation of remuneration that representatives can’t offer until after they vest and certain different conditions are met. Not at all like alternatives, RSUs can be practiced at any cost once they vest. GoPro shares climb and down a great deal in worth, so computing Woodman’s definite riches is a greater amount of a workmanship than a science. Bloomberg organizes the stock quality toward the end of 2014. Taking into account today’s stock value, Woodman’s shares would be worth just over $200 million – still high, yet not exactly as eye-popping.

So is Woodman really justified regardless of that much cash?

“No one is justified regardless of that much cash – with the exception of perhaps Steve Jobs some time ago,” said Michael Pachter, an examiner who covers GoPro at Wedbush Securities.

In any case, Pachter clarified that the stock honors Woodman got were simply an approach to repay him for his commitments lately.

Going ahead, Woodman will probably get a pay of a few million dollars, however not at all like his 2014 pay. It’s additionally key to note that because of his huge stake in the organization, his riches goes up when the stock goes up.

“No one resents anybody’s stock increases, particularly organizers’,” said Pachter.