At Dallas protests 5 police officers were killed!


Dallas protests after 2 men, African-American, were shoot, in Dallas came to a huge protest which resulted in dead of 5 police officers. The two African-American men were killed in Minnesota and Louisiana.

As David Brown, chief of Dallas police reported, there were 11 police officers shoot. However, as mentioned, 5 are dead. He said that most likely more than 2 shooters were involved, and that are snipers that were hidden while crowd protested. Micah Xavier Johnson from Mesquite was one of the shooters which they called them snipers was killed on July 8th, 2016 by Robot Bomb. He wanted to kill white police officers and showing the Black Live Matters.

At Dallas protests, According to report among the killed ones was DART officer (Dallas Area Rapid Transit agency).

There was a photo circulating which was showing a suspect person who was involved in shooting. But he already turned himself. Till further investigation will be done he will stay in custody.

There was also a suspicious package found near the location. Bomb squad carefully removed it.

The protest itself started very peacefully but all of a sudden shoots have started and there was a total mess. Protesters were also surprised and shocked.

There were a few witnesses speaking with CNN journalist saying that at first they thought it is just a firework. But soon they realized what is going on.

The crowd run in parking garage and soon after they spread out. After they found out there is a sniper or even more of them.

As with every such incident there was a total mess. People were running, panic, screaming and looking for a shelter.


Reason behind Dallas protests?


As mentioned, Dallas protests were because of shooting of 2 African-American men that happened in 2 days.

Philando Castile was killed on Wednesday in a car and Alton Sterling on Tuesday.

As always there are 2 sides of each story, so there are and will be different speculations about what really happened. Until full investigation will be done.

No matter what, those deaths should not have happened. But it is something we have seen many times before, unfortunately.

After Dallas protests, Joe Walsh, Congressman who warned Obama to ‘watch out’ after Dallas shootings. Threatening the president of united state in social media. He called president Obama ” Black Lives Matter Punks “.