Wearing sunglasses is important- which are the best?


Wearing sunglasses is not only important for health but it is a total fashion thing.

However, today’s subject is not fashion but health.

As it is important to pick the right sun-cream to protect your skin, it is important to pick the right sunglasses. They will protect the skin around your eyes but most importantly the health of your eyes.

But there are some things people don’t know about sunglasses. Things like, which one to buy and when to wear them. As the skin, your eyes are also exposed to the possible damage of the Sun rays. Skin around eyes will get¬†wrinkles, but that is only aesthetic issue. Bigger problem is the one that causes vision damage due to wrong choice of sunglasses.

Sun can damage conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is thin membrane that covers the white of the eye. If it becomes irritated it will be damaged and will affect your vision.

Sun can also damage iris, especially if you have blue eyes. They are more susceptible to UV-rays. Lens, cornea, retina could also be damaged if you don’t have quality and proper sunglasses.

One important thing you have to know is that your eyes may become more sensitive to the Sun due to some medications too. For example, birth control pills, tetracycline, diuretics, sulfa drugs and tranquilizers.

Now, which sunglasses you should buy? First of all, avoid those that have mark on them saying “absorbs UV”. You have to buy those having 99-100% UV absorption. Or the ones marked with UV 400, these are blocking all UVB rays and UVA.


For wearing sunglasses that are good for you here is what you should also know:

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  • polarizes lenses don’t add to protection from the Sun
  • dark lenses don’t automatically mean better protection
  • prassed plastic sunglasses may cause distorted vision

Another thing, people think they should wear them all the time when summer comes, but that is not correct.

You must expose your eyes to Sun, from time to time because there are also healthy wavelengths of light. They are necessary for health of your eyes and good vision. So, sometimes, put just hat on. You will still be protected from the Sun but still leave it to spread those healthy rays.

And last but not least, if sunglasses are expensive, doesn’t mean they are healthy. Sometimes it is only the brand you are paying.




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