3 Things for managing diabetes- did doctor inform you?


Managing diabetes! How are you dealing with this problem? Of course, we are asking people who are dealing with this disease.

Many of us go to doctor for every single thing that bothers us, even though it would be advisable to not do that and to take as less medications as possible. But, when you do go to doctor and you get your diagnosis along with the medication, do you ever wonder did doctor tell you everything? Do you wonder if you have the right medication and is it diagnosis 100% true?

Considering the fact that a lot of cases of wrong diagnosis and wrong prescribed medications are reported in today’s times, maybe you should ask these questions each time. Even to go for a second opinion.


Here we would like to point out something about managing diabetes

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In the first place we are asking ourselves did doctor told you about 3 things that are helpful in this case?

Well, here they are so you can check in a second.

First of all, you should eat fat, of course healthy fat as it is unsaturated-omega-3-fat. To help you a bit more, you will find it in eggs, fish and grass fed beef.

Second thing, do push-ups. Or some other strength exercise. Doctors are recommending cardio which is good of course, but to absorb more insulin, you have to add strength exercises. So, as said push-ups or squats. In addition you will have more energy and it is great to get rid of stress.

And the last thing, relax! You have to relax because stress is making things worse. Try with some meditation, or just lie on your back and use some of the breathing methods. This will help to regulate blood sugar.

These are 3 very important things that help with managing diabetes. If doctor has told you about them, great. If not, well ask him/her next time what he or she has to say about this.

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