Kate Middleton is pregnant again! Happy news!


Kate Middleton is pregnant for the 3rd time and guess that Royal Family will celebrate a new member.

There were only rumors at first, of course, that were not confirmed by the Royal Family. But now, it is official.

One source reported that Kate should give birth to her 3rd child around Christmas. The source is very close to Kate so we believe it really is true.

Kate and her husband William are very happy, of course! Well, the entire family in fact is.

They said they don’t care will it be girl or a boy, as long as everything goes well and that the baby is healthy. This is natural to wish, of course. They have boy and a girl already so it really doesn’t matter what is going to be this time.


Rumors about Kate Middleton being pregnant

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Rumors about her being pregnant started a few weeks ago when one photo was captured by a photographer. The family was out in public participating some event and Kate had tight clothes on, so a small belly was visible.

So, now when the rumors are confirmed, we wish them all the best. Kate is 34-years-old now, so she will become mother for the 3rd time quite young, right? But why not.

2 of their children are George who is a boy 2-years-old, and Charlotte, she is 14 months.

The time difference at age is small so it will be the same with the 3rd child.

Their family is growing rapidly, so who knows, maybe there will be more Royal kids running around. Kids are a blessing, so we are supporting this family.

Once again, we wish all the best to the family. It will be a pleasure to see them with one more child. They are so cute walking around with their kids. It is obvious how great family they are, full of love and care.

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