Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger broke up!


Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger broke up! It is the latest news among celebrities. This is one more beautiful couple we just loved to see together for 10 years. Yes, they were dating for 10 years which is why this news makes us even more sad.

They were one of those people who were not followed by rumors or scandals. They were great couple and it was always a pleasure to see them together. We will miss that.


The announcement of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger’s breakup

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The announcement about the breakup of this Hollywood couple was quick and short. There was nothing special are huge to be said. They have decided to breakup and to stay friends.

There were no scandal, no bad or ugly words, no big explanation. And it is the way it should be. Let’s leave them decide what is best for them.

Even though 10 years is a lot and they have gone through so many things together, if it doesn’t work anymore, breakup is a good choice.

We are not surprised that they will stay friends. They both seem as a good and reasonable persons.

Just as a reminder Diane started dating Joshua after she has split from her husband in 2006, Guillaume Canet. He is French actor.

This was hers first and only marriage.

Will this story be final or maybe they will get back together? Well, who knows. Everything is possible.

In case this stay the way it is now, we wonder who’s hearts they will capture next.

We cannot help ourselves, we just love to see new love stories when celebrities are involved. But you do too, right?

Especially those stories and fresh couples that simply shock us!

You know that moment when you see 2 famous people you would never ever imagine together. Even in the wildest dreams.

So, we cannot wait to see their next partners. Till then, we wish them to really stay friends and to recover fast if there is some pain involved. And it surly is, because 10 years is a lot to share with someone.



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