Open marriages among celebrities- top 4!


Open marriages among famous people is something most of you probably have heard of. Do you believe that such a marriage can work after a big “I do!”? I do forever, till dead do us apart, in sickness and well, in good or bad… Well, I guess that “bad” thing involves an open marriage.

But then again it seems it is not that BAD, at least for some. Or they pretend like it is not a big deal, you know, for public.

Anyway be it with approval or not, if you have an open marriage, that is cheating. Sharing your partner with other women or men, doesn’t seem respectful or something what has anything to do with love. Right?

So, why people are accepting to have an open marriage? Is it a fear to not lose that specific person? You know how people say, “I would rather be cheated than abandoned”. Or is it a thing to just keep family together while you are doing whatever you want. Or, is it something 3rd.


Whatever the answer is, here are top 4 couples that have open marriages


For them, it seems that things work just fine because these people are together for years.

#1 Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith

The two are together for almost 20 years and they still seem to work just fine and to have a strong relationship.

#2 Carl Thomas Dean and Dolly Parton

She has nothing against cheating. As she says if they do it, the other one doesn’t know. And they are together for long 49 years!

#3 Sidney Hicks and Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique has openly spoken about their open marriage has nothing to hide. She supports such marriages and Sidney does too. They are together for 9 years, but they know each other from the childhood.

#4 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

In 201 Angelina admitted to one magazine that she is not against an open marriage. As she said, if they are living together, it doesn’t mean they are chained.