After a refused service, a man shoots restaurant owner!


Is refused service a reason to shoot someone? God! Where this world is going.

According to police report, on early Friday morning a restaurant owner Mario Ramirez has been shoot by a drunk guest. Mario (52-years-old man) is co-owner of “El Rey de Copas Restaurant Bar” in the Bronx.


How the shooting happened after refused service


According to report, a normal night in Bronx neighborhood ended with 2 shoots, and all because they refused to serve a drunk guest.

A shooter has demanded one more round and since he was already quite drunk, they refused his order. Then he took his gun and pumped a bullet into Mario’s chest. After he fell on the floor all in blood, the attacker gave him another shot in his neck. He was transported into the Jacobi Hospital urgently.

Gustavo Ramirez, who is victim’s brother confirmed that they didn’t serve this guy because he was drunk. And that was a reason for shooting.

It is not the first time this guy made them problems. It happened 2 years ago when the same guy has been causing problems but back then, no one got hurt.

Gustavo has planned to work that night but brother told him to take time off. They opened this restaurant in 2001, in fact, took it over. It was after the immigration from Mexico. And they are great team, plus they are very connected. Gustavo said that his brother is very protective to him.

We all hope he will be ok. So far, by a police report it is expected for him to survive.

It is so sad what is going on lately. Not only in the US but in the whole world. So many innocent people are hurt are killed. What is going on? What is happening with the people today? No one is save anymore!