Munich shooter was obsessed- 9 were killed, 27 wounded


Munich shooter was only a teenager who was obsessed with massive shooting and killing. He was only 18-years-old and public is in shock!

Munich shooter planned this attack by doing a commercial on Facebook about a discount in McDonald’s. He has presented himself as a woman. He hacked the account of a girl and has been spreading an advertise. It was about a discount and by that he attracted people to come to McDonald’s. He is identified as Ali David Sonboly. He has been shooting in McDonald’s and shopping mall. Then he turned gun on himself.

7 of 9 victims that were killed were teenagers, ranging from 14 to 19 years. The other 2 persons were 45 and 20.

Even though Munich residents, all of the teenage victims were people with foreign background. 3 were Turkish, 3 from Kosovo and one from Greece.


Was Munich shooter a terrorist?

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The shooter is not connected with Islamic State or terrorism groups. He was sick and as said obsessed with the massive killing.

Police was in his home doing research and they have found a lot of literature about mass shooting as well as a book named “Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters”.

According to CNN, the shooter didn’t leave any message or evidence in his home connecting him with political or religious radicalism.

It is reported that he might have been inspired by some of the mass killers through the past like Anders Breivik, Norway killer who killed 77 people in 2011. He did that in summer camp and among killed ones were children too.

The message Sonboly has been sending around was: “I’ll give you something if you want, but not too expensive.”, and people should have come to the mall at 4 pm, Friday.

Woman reported hacking soon after this have happened.

For now what is known that he had psychological problems and have been taking medications but the investigation about that is not completed.

He was known as a calm and shy person, never talking too much.

He was found 2.5 hours later, and police said he had around 300 rounds of ammunition.

This was one more tragic event and it really seems that no one can walk through the streets safely anymore, anywhere.

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