Brooklyn- Woman stabbed on a house party!


Woman stabbed on a house party in Brooklyn! She was stabbed directly in the chest and her back, but it is expected for her to survive, police reported.


Woman stabbed was a young girl!

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She is 23-years-old and the guy who stabbed her is 22. Her name is not known to public yet. As well as the name of the guy who attacked her.

The party was in a private house on Saturday night, close to Logan St.- East New York. It came to some kind of an argument and around 9 pm she was stabbed. After the attack she was taken to Brookdale Hospital.

The guy who stabbed her is taken under custody. Charges against him are pending until full investigation will be done. It is not known about what these two were arguing and were exactly they who in fact did have a fight.

So, there are many facts missing still but investigation should make everything clear very soon.

For now, it is believed that it is not about a domestic violence.

Lately there are only bad things happening. We are reporting about different attacks. Some are private things, some are involved with terrorism, some are because of sick people, etc. Many people are losing their life and it is sad that they are all innocent victims. And those who deserve a bad destiny are walking freely around us.

Unfortunately things are only getting worse. All around the world every single person is in danger. It is like World War 3 has started. Maybe it actually did, just in a different form.

People do not feel save anymore and soon we all will be walking through the streets scared about our own life.

It is like in some movie, no one is save and there is no where to hide. Because we don’t know who will attack or where it will be.

Let’s hope something will change for the better, eventually.




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