Shooting in Fort Myers Club- two dead reportedly!


In a nightclub in Fort Myers, Fla., a guy opened a gunfire and reportedly killed 2 people. 16 are wounded and among them is a 12-years-old kid. Shooter has opened fire on an early Monday morning, according to reports.

Several victims were found on a parking lot. Police reported that they have found many bullet casings, dozens of them, in fact.


More details about shooting in Fort Myers


People that are wounded range at age from 12-27 years. After this happened there was a gunfire in a house and some car. That happened only one mile away. It was probably connected with the shooting at the nightclub, police said.

Three people are suspicious for now and they were caught 6 miles away from the club, close to a gas station.

The club left a message on its FB page saying how deeply sorry they feel. They were sure they have a save place for people to have some good time out. The club even has armed security outside and inside.

The attack happened when the club was finishing its working time and parents were already coming to pick up their children.

One witness said that there were at least 30 gunshots.

Another witness was hidden with her sister under her car during the gunfire.

Victims were transported to Lee Memorial Hospital and one went to Cape Coral hospital.

One victim of this tragic incident is identified as Timothy Settel. He posted a short clip on a FB of himself. He was lying in a bed and his face was covered with blood. He wrote:”I don’t wanna die”.

The club had a party called “Swimsuit Glow Party”. And club’s flyer informed people that no identification is needed to entry.

More news and details about the incident will be announced as investigation will progress. We are once again in a total shock!