Have you already chosen your sunburn care?


Summer is a time for outdoor games and fun. And most of us think about sun protection when it’s already too late and the first peel off our shoulders has already come off. Usually this happens after we had one too many drinks on the beach and nodded off, or simply lost our track of time with all the fun going around. And guess what? Yes, now you are tomato red!

Don’t panic is the first best thing that you can do. Even though the full force of sunburn can take up to several hours to show, there is always hope. Just start thinking immediately of sunburn care.

Peeling skin on a tourist- sunburn care

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According to Jeffrey Brackeen, MD, a member of The Skin Cancer Foundation, it’s very important to take sunburns for what they are. Serious skin damage, and if you had more than five sunburns you risk getting melanoma doubles. He suggests doing these steps to ease the consequences.


#1 Cool down the affected area as soon as possible

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If you have any cool water sources such as lakes, pool, or ocean, dip yourself in it for a few minutes. Then cover up with clothing and try to get out of the sun altogether. If that’s not possible, try to find a shade. This will prevent any further damage.

Preventing any further damage is the key of sunburn care. Continue cooling the area by applying something cold, such as a cold bottle of water, or even better ice. However, do not apply the ice directly; use a paper towel or a cloth. More importantly, avoid soap if you can, if not, try using a mild one.


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