How to fight anxiety- help yourself!


Anxiety is number one disease in the world when it comes to psychological state. There are different kinds of anxiety, each having its own symptoms and some are very serious. But you have to fight anxiety.

Most common ones are feeling of depression, constant need for crying, pain and pressure in the chest, problems with breathing or sleeping. Even heart problems, like arrhythmia, etc.

You are probably checking right now if you have some of these symptoms. Are you anxious?

Even if you have some of the symptoms, don’t panic. Panic makes things even worse.

Be aware that anxiety is, as we said, very common problem these days.

Why is that so? It is because people are dealing with many problems and these problems may bring such a feeling, the feeling of being anxious.

Most people have financial problems and that definitely can lead to anxiety. However, don’t think, even for a second that money can resolve all of your problems! Many of you out there believe that, but you are so wrong. Yes, it is true, if you have money, you can deal with a lot of things much easier but even those with a lot of money have problems. They too deal with anxiety but for other reasons.


How can you fight anxiety?


The first step in this fight is going to be admitting. Admit to yourself that you are dealing with anxiety. Of course, a doctor should confirm that.

Then think about all the reasons that might have caused this terrible state of mind. Then look for a solution to the problems.

Never feel sorry for yourself and never close yourself in. Fight anxiety!

Find all the positive things in your life and value them. So many people out there have much bigger problems right now! So, think about that too. Don’t just think about things you miss or don’t have, think about those you DO have and others don’t have, unfortunately.

Find and do things that make you happy. You have to relax and enjoy in certain things. These things can be something small and it can be for only 10 minutes per day, but still will be something positive. Work on yourself every day, work on your state of mind, attitude and positivity. And each next day will be better!