A Wedding Day That Can Thrill Your Kids


A wedding day is among the best days of anybody’s life. If you have kids, they could get mixed-up. Thus, you should know how to engage their little minds. As the wedding day is long, kids must play. They must do something that is unique to their ages. As well, the venue can be a dangerous environment for kids. So, how can you protect and keep them happy?


wedding day
By: Tinseltown/shutterstock
  • Engage them in photography
    Kids can have a lot of fun taking photos of your wedding day. They need a disposable camera. You will love their photography skills.
  • Let kids dance
    A Dj who knows how to excite kids is great. Ask them, or a band, to play suitable songs. The kids will then dance to the tunes for fun. Chicken dance is great.
  • Get some goody bags
    In these bags, there is kids’ stuff. These include crayons, washable markers, puzzles, wedding games, and legos. Then find a separate space for kids’ play.
  • A photo booth for them
    Girls want to imitate their mother and boys their dad. Thus, you can get them a photo booth with props. Then, have someone take their photos doing all gestures.
  • A supervised kids’ playground
    It is wise to get a caregiver you can trust. She will babysit the babies during the ceremony. As well, you should make the kids’ corner interesting. For instance, you can add some movies, games, and crafts.
  • Entertain kids
    A magician is on point. But, you can get a face painter, a balloon artist or other entertainer.

As you do the above, ensure that safety comes first. This is because an accident could still happen. So, you need a first aid kit for kids. It should have bandages and other essentials. Finally, buy insurance coverage that will include coverage for accidents at the venue.